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What's new: June 2020 - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

What's new: June 2020

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from June 2020

Campaign and workflow updates

Display & Video 360 API update

The Display & Video 360 API v1 now includes support for:

  • Advertiser-level brand safety targeting
  • Creating and managing inventory source groups, channels, keyword lists, and location lists
  • Listing the line items associated with a particular creative
  • New expository fields for first- and third-party audiences
  • New third-party exchange options

Learn more in the Display & Video 360 API release notes.

Custom bidding now available, allowing you to optimize towards your own KPIs

With a basic knowledge of Python and some help from Display & Video 360, you can use custom bidding to maximize impression values for you and your goals. Custom bidding lets you write a custom script that defines how much an impression is worth. Display & Video 360 then uses that script to optimize your bids for the highest performance based on your goal. Learn more

Discover TV inventory easily in Marketplace

To help you easily find the deals that best match your campaign objectives, message, and audience, we've created a dedicated TV section in Marketplace specifically for publishers and inventory packages that let you reach TV audiences across devices. Learn more

New streamlined buying experience for digital TV inventory

The new TV insertion order and over-the-top line item offer a streamlined workflow tailored to buying digital TV inventory across screens. This insertion order and line item only feature options that are relevant for TV ads, with appropriate configurations selected by default. Learn more

Continuing to scale brand safety targeting options for connected TV globally

Display & Video 360 is continuing to invest in labeling connected TV inventory for brand safety targeting options like digital content labels and sensitive categories. We've expanded coverage across more markets, like Australia and New Zealand, to better account for local connected TV device usage. You can use brand safety targeting controls on a larger set of connected TV inventory in US, EMEA, and these new regions.

Updating the TrueView name to YouTube in Display & Video 360

To better reflect the variety of YouTube inventory available through Display & Video 360, we've updated the TrueView name to YouTube throughout the platform. Learn more

Additional language targeting options available

Display & Video 360's language targeting now include the following options, allowing you to specifically target speakers of these languages:

  • Bengali
  • Malay
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Persian
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Keyword targeting available at the YouTube & partners line item level

Keyword targeting is now available at the line item level for YouTube, allowing you to exclude individual keywords or negative keyword lists. You can also continue to use keyword targeting inclusions and exclusions at the ad group level for YouTube & partners line items. Learn more

Optimization view now available in Combined tab of your campaign

The Optimization view is now available in the Combined tab of your campaign, allowing you to see if your insertion orders and line items are on track to hit spend and performance goals.

Apply for verification for election advertising in Israel

You can now apply for verification for election advertising in Israel. Learn more

Audience updates

Additional audience types available in reach planning for YouTube

Google Custom Affinity and Custom Intent audiences are now supported by the reach planning tool for YouTube inventory.

Creatives updates

Upload variants in bulk and share previews for data-driven creatives

To make it easier for you to manage data-driven creatives in Display & Video 360, you can now:

  • Upload up to 2,000 variants at once in a feed spreadsheet. Download a spreadsheet template, fill it out, then upload it to create variants for data-driven creatives. The uploaded variants will be checked to make sure there will be no display or serving issues. Learn more
  • Add creatives to preview sheets and share them with your stakeholders for approval. Preview sheets can be shared with anyone (even people that don't have Display & Video 360 accounts). You can also create custom views for stakeholders by adding filters to a preview sheet. Learn more

Insights updates

Disable attribution for individual Floodlight activities

You can now disable attribution on individual Floodlight activities. If you're using a Floodlight activity for purposes other than attribution, such as creating audiences, this setting will simplify your reporting experience as non-attributed Floodlight activities won't be available for conversion reporting. Learn more

New pre-bid invalid traffic metric available in offline reporting

The % Invalid Impressions (Pre-Bid) metric is now available in offline reporting, giving you increased transparency into spam and invalid traffic. See Metrics in reports to learn more.

Inventory updates

Inventory source updates

Auction packages are collections of non-guaranteed auction inventory put together by sellers, available to all buyers on Display & Video 360. You can now discover auction packages by going to the Marketplace, and you can target them by going to the Private Deals tab in inventory source targeting. Learn more

Inventory source updates

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

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