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What's new: July 2020 - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

What's new: July 2020

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from July 2020

Campaign and workflow updates

Understanding negative keyword targeting during COVID-19

We recommend removing COVID-19 negative keywords from your campaigns as they can significantly impact news publisher revenue and their ability to fund the essential reporting people need today. If you're negatively targeting COVID-related keywords, you'll see new warnings in the keyword targeting and advertiser's brand control settings. By following the suggestions in the warnings, you can avoid overly constraining your targeting while still remaining brand safe. Learn more about navigating your campaigns through COVID-19.

Manage certifications for the upcoming California elections in your advertiser's Policy Center

The Policy Center in your Display & Video 360 advertiser's settings now has a section for the upcoming California elections. You can navigate to the required certifications and check your certification status from the Policy Center.

Updates to read & write access with new admin and standard user roles

To make it easier for you to designate the right role for the right user, we've updated the user role options for all read & write users. You'll now see new admin and standard user roles, and existing read & write users were migrated to the new roles. Learn more

New partner client user role for clients of agencies and partners now available

A new user role called "partner client" is now available. This role allows agencies and partners to give their clients access to Display & Video 360 without exposing linked partners or advertisers, billable cost, revenue models, or platform fees. Partner client users can create, run, optimize, and report on campaigns without seeing this sensitive partner information. Learn more

Structured Data Files v5.2 now available

A new version of Structured Data Files (SDF) is now available, featuring updates including the ability to assign combined audiences to line items and set third-party measurement vendors and reporting IDs for YouTube & partners line items. Learn more

Submit ads for re-review or appeal policy disapprovals for YouTube ads directly from Display & Video 360

Quickly submit ads for re-review or appeal policy disapprovals for YouTube ads by using the new Appeal button in the disapproval messages shown in the Status column on the YouTube ads group tab. You no longer need to contact support or your account manager to submit these requests. After clicking this button, you'll have the option to resubmit ads for review or appeal a policy disapproval. Learn more

Expanded branching options for YouTube video ad sequencing

You can now create more engaging multi-part stories by adding a new branch to a YouTube video ad sequence line item based on the action (impression, skip, view) a user took during the previous step of a sequence.

Even and ahead pacing now available for insertion orders with YouTube & partners line items

You can now create YouTube & partners line items in insertion orders that use even and ahead pacing. YouTube & partners line items no longer require insertion order pacing to be set only to ASAP. If you prefer even or ahead pacing for cross-exchange buys, you can now add YouTube & partners line items to insertion orders with other line item types.

Similar audience settings now available for connected TV

Similar audience settings are now available for connected TV. By moving the slider towards "More reach," you can control how your audience lists are expanded on connected TV devices.

CPA bidding now available for audio line items

You can now use CPA bidding with audio line items to help you drive lower-funnel metrics like conversions through audio ads.

Hide the left-hand main menu in Display & Video 360 to create more room on smaller screens

You can now hide or show the left menu in Display & Video 360 by clicking the Hide or show icon at the top of the page. If you're working on a small screen, this will give you more room to focus in on your primary content.

Hide the navigation in Display & Video 360

Improved bulk editing workflow for apps & URL, keyword, and category targeting

You'll now see a streamlined bulk editing experience for apps & URL, keyword, and category targeting that matches other bulk targeting workflows. You can also bulk overwrite and add or remove targeting options even when settings are mixed across line items.

Explore budget options chart now available in Combined tab of your campaign

The explore budget options chart is now available in the Combined tab of your campaign, allowing you to explore how a given metric might be affected if you change your insertion order budget proportionally across its line items.

Streamlined experience for managing advertiser alerts and user notifications

You'll now see a streamlined experience for managing alerts and notifications in Display & Video 360 with a new look-and-feel for the pages for these settings. When you navigate to Settings > Alert configuration in your Display & Video 360 advertiser or User management and notification settings  > Notification settings you'll see clearer groupings of alerts and a quicker editing experience. Learn more about alerts and notifications.

Creatives updates

New creative format: 3D Swirl

3D Swirl is an immersive display format designed for mobile web that's now available to all Display & Video 360 customers. Create a 3D Swirl ad to engage potential customers with a product like it's right in front of them. They can rotate, zoom, and expand the creative to see more. Learn more

PIXEL_ID_COMMA macro has been deprecated

As of July 1, 2020, the ${PIXEL_ID_COMMA}macro is no longer supported and will not expand.

Insights updates

Change to impression counting in OMID enabled mobile app environments

Impressions will soon only be counted for OMID enabled mobile app display inventory when at least 1 pixel of the creative is on screen. We've launched a Provisional Impressions metric that can be compared with the Impressions metric to see the impact of this change. There's also a new OM SDK Available dimension that describes whether an impression served on OMID-enabled inventory or not. The change to this new counting methodology for the Impressions metric (including billable impressions) will take place early next year.

Unique Reach Audience reports now available

Reach reports have been updated to include audience and demographic information. For example, you can now report the total reach of ads by age and gender, see the percentage of a given population reached, and see how much of your total reach went toward a given population. Learn more

YouTube & partners support in experiments

Experiments now support YouTube & partners line items. Learn more

Better understand where impression, click and conversion data come from with Data Source dimension

A new Data Source dimension is now available in offline standard and Floodlight reports. This dimension will give you a granular breakdown of where the data for impressions, clicks, and conversions came from, giving you greater visibility into the source of measurement information. For impressions and clicks, this dimension will show if the data was measured by Google or a third-party integrator, with the name of the integrator included in the value of the dimension. For conversions, the dimension will show the type of tag or integration for the conversion.

Inventory updates

Inventory source updates

The following inventory sources are now available:

  • Supership - display and video exchange

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

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