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Purchase over-the-top inventory - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Video campaigns

Purchase over-the-top inventory

About over-the-top line items

The over-the-top line item offers specific options that are relevant if you're buying digital TV inventory. This line item type only features options that are relevant for TV ads, with appropriate configurations selected by default, including:

  • An over-the-top publishers collection: You'll see a pre-selected collection that includes publishers that serve in-stream video inventory on connected TV devices, allowing you to easily buy the premium digital TV inventory you're looking for at scale.
  • Pre-selected targeting: Targeting settings like apps & URL, position, video, and device are set for you to reflect digital TV inventory.
  • Budget and pacing guardrails: You'll only see options that are supported by connected TV ads.

Compare over-the-top and video line items

Use the chart below to help you determine which line item type is right based on your needs:

  Video Video line item icon Over-the-top TV insertion order icon
Recommended video buying options Desktop and mobile digital video content TV and over-the-top content on connected TV devices
Insertion order type

Real-time bidding

Bidding Multiple options Automated or Fixed bidding
Targeting All options available

Pre-selected options for the following targeting settings:

  • Apps & URL
  • Position
  • Video
  • Device

The following settings are not available:

  • Keywords
  • Position on screen
  • User rewarded content
  • Browser
  • Connection speed
  • Carrier & ISP

Create an over-the-top line item

  1. Start in an existing Connected TV and OTT streaming insertion order or create a new one.

  2. In your insertion order, click the New line item button.

  3. In the page that opens, enter the following information for your line item:
    • Name for your line item.

      Additionally, you can create your line item as a "Draft" if you don't want it to be eligible to serve once you've saved it here. If you do want it to immediately serve as soon as its start date has occurred, create the line item as "Active".

    • Your line item's inventory sources.

    • You'll see pre-selected targeting options based on your insertion-order level default targeting that reflect over-the-top inventory. You can add or adjust the targeting as needed. 

      If you're targeting any non-guaranteed or Programmatic Guaranteed deals in your over-the-top line item, we recommend that you remove the over-the-top publisher collection from apps & URL targeting.
      • (Optional) Click Add targeting for additional options. If you add demographics targeting, third-party audience suggestions are provided based on your selections. Add suggested audiences to your targeting to increase your reach.

    • Your line item's flight dates. You can use real-time triggers to control your line item's flight.

    • Budget and pacing settings.

      Display & Video 360 can automatically adjust your line item's budget if you've turned on automatic budget allocation for the line item's insertion order.

    • A fixed bid for your line item.

    • The line item's frequency cap.

    • The creatives you want to use with the line item. Learn more about our guidelines for video creatives and best practices for creatives on connected TV devices.

    • Your method for conversion tracking.

  4. Click Create once you're done.

Reporting for over-the-top line items

All standard reporting options are available for over-the-top line items. You can filter reports to the insertion order (TV) or line item (over-the-top) to see the performance of just your digital TV buys. You can also filter reports by the App/URL dimension to see what TV inventory you served on through the TV insertion order.

Note that the same reporting guidelines for connected TV devices in Display & Video 360 apply to all over-the-top line items. Learn more


  • You can only create over-the-top line items in a TV insertion order.
  • The following targeting settings aren't available:
    • Keywords
    • Category
    • Position on-screen
    • User Rewarded Content
    • Browser
    • Connection Speed
    • Carrier & ISP

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