Sunday, April 23, 2023

New reporting page FAQs - Google AdSense Help [gg-adsense-en]


New reporting page FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the new AdSense reporting page:

Reporting data

Where can I check my AdMob data now?

To access your AdMob data, visit the Reports page in your AdMob account. Learn more about AdMob reports.

Where can I check my YouTube data now?

You can use YouTube Analytics to monitor the performance of your channels, videos, and claimed content. Learn more about analyzing performance with YouTube Analytics.

Do these changes apply to reporting data on the AdSense home page?

Yes, these changes also apply to your AdSense home page reports.

Payments and earnings

Can I access my payments data that's more than 3 years old?

Yes. The 3 year limit only applies to reporting data. You can still find all your payments data for any period in the Payments section of your account.

Does my balance include my finalized earnings from AdMob and YouTube?

Yes. In the new reporting page we've removed all AdMob and YouTube reporting data. However, this change doesn't affect your payments. If you monetize an app with AdMob or a channel with YouTube, your payments will still include your earnings from AdMob and YouTube.

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