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July 2020 - Authorized Buyers Help [gg-authorizedbuyers-en]

July 2020

User interface

New Query Tool dimensions

On August 3, the "Publisher ID" and "Publisher name" dimensions are to be introduced to the Query Tool. For the time being, the "Web property name" continues to be available but will be retired in the near future. These two new dimensions improve the way you can break down data in reports. Learn more

Real-time bidding

Updated filter for RTB breakout

On August 3, the RTB Breakout "Publisher" filter will accept publisher ID as an input. Publisher ID is the same value you can find in ads.txt or app-ads.txt for publisher inventory. Previously, the "Publisher" filter accepted seller network ID, a different value which is to be removed. Use of publisher ID in RTB Breakout brings more consistency to Authorized Buyers and makes it easier for you to find publishers. Learn more

Transition to bidder-level pretargeting

In Q3 2020, child-level pretargeting will be retired in favor of bidder-level pretargeting. The transition to bidder-level pretargeting simplifies pretargeting management. Ensure your bidders are ready for this transition. Learn more


Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) compliance

The Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) is a new Brazilian privacy law that is due to go into effect on August 16, 2020. The new law applies to the processing of personal data, which can include online identifiers, of users located in Brazil. Learn more about how Google is helping you comply with LGPD.

Multiple GVLs per single ATP

Multiple Global Vendor Lists (GVLs) per single ad tech provider (ATP) are now allowed so long as all associated GVL IDs abide by the registration guidance for vendors to ensure they comply with EU's Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and our fingerprinting policies.

Other update

Real-time Bidding API

Authorized Buyers has introduced a new Real-time Bidding API that allows external bidders to manage their RTB integration with Google. The Real-Time Bidding API currently includes resources for managing creatives and user lists, and will be expanded at a later date to include resources for managing pretargeting, managing accounts and billing information. Learn more in the Migrating to Authorized Buyers' Real-time Bidding API and Real-time Bidding API.

Session ID support for frequency capping in CTV platforms

Per the IAB's Guidelines for Identifier for Advertising (IFA) on OTT platforms, a session ID is a type of privacy-safe advertising identifier that can be used for frequency capping purposes only. Unlike other IFA types that persist across multiple sessions, the session ID can be used to frequency cap a campaign within a user session on devices and environments that may not support valid or privacy safe IFA value. This functionality is currently only supported on CTV environments and is in beta stage.


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