Tuesday, April 18, 2023

COVID-19 Data - Maps Content Partners Help [gg-mapcontentpartners-en]

COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 continues to impact the way we move around in the world. As cities and countries across the globe adapt, we remain committed to bring the most relevant information right to your fingertips. 


In Google Search and recent releases of Google Maps, we help you find and get to essential places like health centers and grocery stores, regardless of your mode of transportation. With the help of local authorities, we can help you: 

  • Avoid overcrowding at medical facilities or COVID-19 test centers: When you navigate to those facilities, we display alerts that remind you to verify your eligibility and be aware of facility guidelines.
  • Be aware of COVID-19 checkpoints and restrictions along your route: We display driving alerts to let you know, for example, when you cross a national border.
  • Be aware of local transit alerts: We display relevant alerts from local transit agencies in many countries.

Share updates with your community

To improve your community's information on Google Maps, you can share the following kinds of data with us: 

  • COVID-related points of interests, like medical facilities, food distribution centers, and antibodies testing centers
  • Storefront business updates like hours of operation, product or service availability updates, and pickup or delivery options
  • Road restrictions like checkpoints, road closures, and border or other restrictions
  • New and existing bike lanes

When you submit data updates, be sure to use our templates. This way, you'll avoid delays and meet our content upload requirements.

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