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Coming soon: June 15 edition - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Coming soon: June 15 edition

See what's coming to Display & Video 360 over the next few weeks

Unused scheduled reports in offline reporting will be automatically deactivated

Starting the week of July 13, scheduled reports will be disabled if generated report files aren't downloaded for 60 or more days. You'll see a message in the Schedule section of the report configuration page letting you know that it's been deactivated. You'll be able to reactivate any report that's been deactivated.

Continuing to scale brand safety targeting options for connected TV globally

Display & Video 360 is continuing to invest in labeling connected TV inventory for brand safety targeting options like digital content labels and sensitive categories. We'll be expanding coverage across more markets, like Australia and New Zealand, to better account for local connected TV device usage. You'll be able to use brand safety targeting controls on a larger set of connected TV inventory in the US, EMEA, and these new regions.

CPA bidding coming soon to audio line items

You'll soon be able to use CPA bidding with audio line items in Display & Video 360 in addition to the current fixed bidding option. You can use this bidding strategy to drive lower-funnel metrics like conversions through audio ads.

Expanded branching options coming soon to TrueView video ad sequencing

TrueView video ad sequence line items allow you to tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of videos in the order that you define. We'll soon be introducing more functionality that lets you create more engaging multi-part stories based on whether a user saw an impression, completed a view, or skipped the previous step in your sequence.

The Popular content option in TrueView placement targeting will be renamed to Video lineups to better reflect the available selection of packaged content for TrueView line items. You'll still be able to find popular content packages in this targeting option.

Additional language targeting options coming soon

Display & Video 360's language targeting will soon include the following options, allowing you to specifically target speakers of these languages:

  • Bengali
  • Malay
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Persian
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Improved bulk editing working coming soon for apps & URL, keyword, and category targeting

You'll soon see a streamlined bulk editing experience for apps & URL, keyword, and category targeting that matches other bulk targeting workflows. Additional functionality, such as bulk overwriting and adding or removing targeting options even when settings are mixed across line items, will also be available.

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