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Coming soon: June 1 edition - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Coming soon: June 1 edition

See what's coming to Display & Video 360 over the next few weeks

Custom Bidding coming to Display & Video 360, allowing you to optimize towards your own KPIs

With a basic knowledge of Python and some help from Display & Video 360, you can use Custom Bidding to maximize impression values for you and your goals.

Custom Bidding lets you write a custom script that defines how much an impression is worth. Display & Video 360 then uses that script to optimize your bids for the highest performance based on your goal.

Because Display & Video 360 also has automated bid strategies, Custom Bidding is best for optimization to metrics other than standard automated bidding goals. These include:

  • Custom Floodlight variables such as product SKU, basket size, etc.
  • Sales Floodlight revenue from the revenue parameter being tracked by a Floodlight Sales tag.
  • Weighted conversions with different Floodlights tracking activities that carry different values to you (such as different activities on different product pages).
  • Conversion activities that occur infrequently. You may want to drive volume by adding more weight to the conversion event and less weight to an upper-funnel event.

Submit ads for re-review or appeal policy disapprovals for TrueView ads directly from Display & Video 360

You'll soon be able to quickly submit ads for re-review or appeal policy disapprovals for TrueView ads directly from Display & Video 360 without contacting support or your account manager. You'll see a new Appeal button in the disapproval messages shown in the Status column on the TrueView ad groups tab. After clicking this button, you'll have the option to resubmit ads for review or appeal a policy disapproval.

Target both iOS and Apple TV apps with the same app ID

You'll soon be able to target both iOS and Apple TV inventory with the same app ID. If you select an iOS app from apps & URL targeting or you add an iOS app ID to a channel, you'll be able to target that app across all mobile and connected TV Apple inventory. This is because the app ID from the Apple Store is the same across mobile and connected TV. You can use an additional layer of device targeting if you want to target just mobile or connected TV inventory.

Easier data-driven creative management coming soon with bulk variant upload and preview sheets

You'll soon see two changes that will make it easier for you to manage data-driven creatives in Display & Video 360:

  • Save time with bulk variant uploads: You'll soon be able to upload a .csv, .tsv, or Google Sheet with up to 2,000 rows to create variants for data-driven creatives. The uploaded variants will be checked to make sure there will be no display or serving issues.
  • Share your creatives with preview sheets: You'll be able to share data-driven creatives with stakeholders for review and approval with preview sheets. The preview sheets will be shareable to users with and without access to Display & Video 360 and will include the ability to add variants and filters as needed for custom views.

You'll soon have the ability to hide or show the main menu on the left-hand side of Display & Video 360. If you're working on a small screen, this will give you more room to focus in on your primary content.

Improve collaboration across your team with comments in line item event history

You'll soon be able to add comments under specific dates in the History tab on line items, allowing you to annotate changes made by your team or on behalf of clients. These notes will be visible to all users that have access to the line item event history.

Ability to disable attribution for individual Floodlight activities coming soon

You'll soon see an option to disable attribution on individual Floodlight activities. If you're using a Floodlight activity for purposes other than attribution, such as creating audiences, this setting will simplify your reporting experience as non-attributed Floodlight activities won't be available for conversion reporting.

Better understand where impression, click, and conversion data come from with upcoming Data Source dimension

A new Data Source dimension will soon be available in offline standard and Floodlight reports. This dimension will give you a granular breakdown of where the data for impressions, clicks, and conversions came from, giving you greater visibility into the source of measurement information. For impressions and clicks, this dimension will show if the data was measured by Google or a third-party integrator, with the name of the integrator included in the value of the dimension. For conversions, the dimension will show the type of tag or integration for the conversion.

Streamlined experience for managing advertiser and user alerts coming soon

You'll soon see a streamlined experience for managing alerts in Display & Video 360 with a new look-and-feel coming to the advertiser and user pages for these settings. When you navigate to Settings > Alert configuration in your Display & Video 360 advertiser or > Notification settings you'll see clearer groupings of alerts and a quicker editing experience.

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