Tuesday, April 18, 2023

About the Sites report - Google AdSense Help [gg-adsense-en]


About the Sites report

The Sites report displays data for sites in your site list, including estimated earnings, page views, and more.

Note: Reporting data is limited to the last 3 years and doesn't include data from YouTube or AdMob.

View the Sites report

  • Visit your Reports page, then click Sites in the list of reports.

Number of sites

  • If the total number of sites (both active and inactive) associated with your account since it was created is more than 100,000, you can still run the Sites report. However, you'll only be able to view data in the report dating back three months from the day you generate the report. Also, due to the high number of sites in your account, your performance data won't include data from the current day, and it might take up to 48 hours for updated data to be displayed.
  • The maximum number of sites displayed in the user interface is the top 5,000, ranked by estimated earnings.
  • You can download a maximum of the top 20,000 sites, ranked by earnings, as a CSV file.

Data from cached sites and iframes

You might see results from pages or sites you don't manage. These can include improper iframed redirects, web pages forwarded in email clients, sites that serve cached content from their own domain, and duplicating of stories from one publisher to another. Learn more about why reports might include sites you don't manage.

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