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Upgrade Google Workspace for Nonprofits edition - Google Workspace Admin Help [gg-a-en]

Upgrade Google Workspace for Nonprofits edition

To get more business features and administrator controls, upgrade your Google Workspace for Nonprofits subscription to a more advanced Google Workspace edition at a discounted, nonprofit price.

What to expect from upgrading

Sign in to compare features

If you're already an administrator for a G Suite or Google Workspace account, sign in now to compare features across available editions: Sign in to your account (doesn't end in

Upgrade prices and discounts

These prices are available to nonprofits in the Google for Nonprofits Program who have activated a G Suite or Google Workspace subscription and are no longer in their free trial. Prices apply monthly, for each user.

  • Business Standard—75+% nonprofit discount on standard price
  • Business Plus—72+% nonprofit discount on standard price
  • Enterprise editions—70+% nonprofit discount on standard price

Discounts are only available through Google, not through a Google partner (reseller).

How to upgrade for a discount

To receive discount pricing when you upgrade, follow the steps listed for your Google Workspace subscription.

Subscription Upgrade instructions
Google Workspace for Nonprofits Follow the steps below.
Business Starter
G Suite Basic
  1. Activate Google Workspace for Nonprofits.
  2. Follow the steps below.
Business Standard
Business Plus
Enterprise editions
G Suite Business

Follow these steps.

Step 1: Upgrade your subscription

If you have Google Vault, make sure you don't accidentally lose data. Before upgrading, follow these steps.

You can turn most features on or off for different users. When you upgrade, however, everyone gets the same subscription.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu ""and then"" Billingand thenGet more services.
    Under Google Workspace, you'll see different subscriptions.
  3. At the edition you want, click Switch.
  4. Review the impact this change will haveand thenclick Get started.
  5. Select a payment plan:
    • Flexible Plan—No long-term commitment, pay for the users you have each month, and add or remove users as needed.
    • Annual Plan (Monthly Payment)—Requires a 1-year contract, pay monthly for users committed upfront, and add users as needed. You can increase the number of users in the users needed field. The Annual Plan is not available when you downgrade to a lower-level edition.
  6. (Optional) Under Flexible Plan, click Add promotion code and enter any promotional code you have.
  7. Click Checkout.
  8. Enter your billing informationand thenclick Place order.

Previously purchased Drive storage or Google Vault licenses can remain assigned after you upgrade. To avoid charges for these licenses, check and remove any individual Drive and Vault licenses from users who received G Suite Business for Nonprofits licenses. See Assign, remove, and reassign licenses.

(Optional) Step 2: Set up archiving with Google Vault

For instructions, go to Set up Vault for your organization.

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