Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Select where to show your ad - Ad Grants Help [gg-grants-en]

Google Ad Grants account creation guide

Select where to show your ad

  1. On the "Where are your customers?" page, click either "Set up a radius around your business" or "Set up specific areas."
  2. Select the appropriate locations where your organization serves or markets to your audience.

Learn more about choosing locations

Use specific geo-targeting to show ads in locations where users will find your nonprofit's information and services useful.

If you primarily serve your local community, your ads should be shown only in your town or local area, such as food banks and houses of worship.  

If you are an organization that has different services locally and nationally, separate campaigns by geographic area to ensure that users can benefit from your services in their geographic location.

If you would like to brand your organization in a wider geographic area, such as a museum that would like visitors from across the country to visit, one campaign may be geo-targeted widely that indicate your service and city name, such as 'art museums in Toronto', while most of your campaigns would show ads in the Toronto area.  

If you do humanitarian relief in Nepal but your primary online goal is to raise donations and your donors are in the United States, show your ads in the the US.

Rarely is it relevant to show ads worldwide.

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