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Coming soon: February 24 edition - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Coming soon: February 24 edition

See what's coming to Display & Video 360 over the next few weeks

Upcoming parallel tracking changes for YouTube

As previously announced, on March 31, 2020 parallel tracking will come into effect for YouTube buys, including auction-based TrueView line items and YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed.

Parallel tracking helps load your landing page more quickly, which can reduce lost visits. That can lead to increased conversions, and improved ad performance. Parallel tracking sends customers directly from your ad to your landing page URL while click measurement happens in the background (without sending them to the click tracker URLs first). 

We strongly recommend that you work with your third-party click measurement providers to make sure that they're aware of this change. To ensure that users are redirected to the correct URL after clicking your ads, the final landing page defined in your click tracker and the landing page URL you set on an ad in Display & Video 360 need to be set to the same URL, including any tracking parameters. Learn more

Enhancements to setting up automated bid strategies coming soon

You'll soon see a streamlined workflow for setting up automated bid strategies, including clear indications of what bidding strategies are automated versus fixed and recommendations based on your campaign goals.

Dynamic Floodlight tags coming soon to Display & Video 360

You'll soon be able to use dynamic Floodlight tags in Display & Video 360. Dynamic tags let you insert HTML dynamically into your Floodlight tags, so you can automatically make changes to the tag's code without needing to re-tag your website. For example, this tag type makes it easier to integrate code from third-party measurement services with Floodlight tags.

Update to category exclusions for TrueView line items

Starting in the next few weeks, you'll only be able to use the content category settings available in category exclusions to exclude sensitive content for TrueView line items. There's no change to the settings for digital content labels or other content types. Learn more

The enhanced History tab will soon be available for audiences

The improved History tab is coming soon to audiences. You'll soon see a new look and feel to this page, along with the ability to hide system changes by default so you can more easily focus on changes you made to your audiences.

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