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We heard your feedback - Google Ad Manager Help [gg-admanager-en]

We heard your feedback

Learn about improvements for Google Ad Manager

Thank you for your feedback

The trafficking experience went through significant change. We listened to you and worked hard to address your feedback. You can now benefit from improvements in the areas you cared about most.

We continue to listen and work every day to enhance your Google Ad Manager experience. Thank you for your partnership and for choosing Google Ad Manager.

Learn more about the changes in Google Ad Manager:


Here are some of the issues that were addressed to improve your experience. 

Creative bulk upload Addressed

Creative bulk upload currently requires you to apply updates multiple times based on the number of uploaded files. Soon, you'll be able to make just one update for "Destination" and "Target ad unit size" that would apply to all files uploaded.

Addressed: The creative bulk upload experience has been streamlined. Navigation between creatives is now easier, and you can apply changes to "Destination" and "Target ad unit size" across multiple creatives in your uploaded.

Announced January 27, 2020

Calendar Addressed

Entering dates and times into the calendar sometimes requires more clicks than before. Calendar entries will be streamlined so that you can more easily input dates and times. You'll also be able to access every feature of the calendar via your keyboard.

Addressed: Calendar input across Ad Manager now requires fewer clicks. Features of the calendar are also now accessible via your keyboard. These improvements help streamline your work when trafficking campaigns.

Announced January 13, 2020

Text contrast Addressed

Some text in the Ad Manager user interface is sometimes difficult to read because of low contrast. You can expect greater contrast of text in the user interface for better readability and accessibility.

Addressed: The contrast of text across Ad Manager has been increased. Greater contrast means better readability and accessibility for everyone.

Announced January 13, 2020

Targeting picker Addressed

The targeting picker displays targeting types in a stacked and expandable list. When you click a targeting type in the list, it expands to show targeting values or classes. You'll notice some improvements to the targeting picker in the coming months, including better visibility of labels and supporting copy and paste of values.

Addressed: The targeting picker is now more compact and provides better visibility and access. Most frequently used targeting types are listed first now, and less frequently used ones are under Show more. Additionally, you can now include all or exclude all from the targeting selector. Ad Manager now also allows you to copy and paste a comma-separated list of values, particularly useful if you have a lot of values to add. Learn more in Targeting picker.

Announced March 9, 2020

Whitespace Addressed

Ad Manager contains whitespace to creates a lighter feel. However, we realize that the amount of whitespace included is not always helpful for you. That's why more density in the whitespace between elements will be introduced throughout Ad Manager. Greater density will provide you with quicker access to settings without the need to scroll.

Addressed: Throughout Ad Manager, there's now increased density and less whitespace. 

Announced March 9, 2020

Bulk actions Addressed

You'll be able to apply bulk actions again, including for key-values, ad units, and zip codes. You can expect this to be reintroduced in the coming months.

Addressed: In addition to the ability to copy and paste of key-values, ad units, and zip codes in the targeting picker, it's now easier to select all the items in long menu lists. Look for the Select all option in menus throughout Ad Manager. 

Announced March 9, 2020

Keyboard shortcuts and tabbing Addressed

You'll soon be able to use keyboard shortcuts and tab through user interface elements with your keyboard.

Addressed: Tabbing and shortcuts have been restored. Activate shortcuts by editing your user profile. Use shortcuts in line items and proposal line items. To see what's available, type "?" from a line item or proposal line item. Learn more in Keyboard shortcuts.

Announced March 9, 2020

Labels Addressed

In some cases, labels might be hard to read because they're cut off. You might have noticed this in the "Line item" and "Creatives" section headings. You can expect better visibility for labels in the coming months.

Addressed: Label styles have been improved for better visibility and readability in Ad Manager. 

Announced March 9, 2020

Good to know

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the new user interface:

Manually enter a time

To manually enter a time, click to open the time menu. Click the time value at the top of the open menu and enter a new time. Learn more about how to use the date and time picker.

Actions above a table

Actions above a table, such as the Activate, Deactivate, and the Add existing creative options, only become visible after rows in the table are selected. Once rows are selected, they appear above the table. Learn more about how to use activate and deactivate.

Check inventory through forecasting

"Check inventory" has been renamed "Forecasting." Forecasting for a line item can be found on the line item details page as a tab between "Creatives" and "Troubleshoot". For Programmatic Direct, this tab is next to "Settings" tab in proposal line item details.

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