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Report on video ads - Google Ad Manager Help [gg-admanager-en]

Report on video ads

Some video features might not be enabled for your network. To learn more, contact your account manager.

You can create a report for Video Solutions much like you would any other report in Ad Manager.

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Tips to running a video report

Reports for CMS metadata and CMS metadata key reflect the current state, not the historical state, of CMS metadata associations. If a report appears as if the line item served to a non-matching metadata key value, it's likely due to content targeting that changed from when the ad was served versus when the report was run.


Historical reports: In addition to the list of report dimensions available, you can add dimensions that are unique to video inventory, such as video content, live stream, video positions, VAST or SDK versions.

Future sell-through reports: You can add dimensions for video content details in your report, such as content, content bundles, and video position.

See a list of all video-specific dimensions.


In addition to most report metrics, metrics available specifically to video inventory are generally categorized as video viewership or video interaction. Additional metrics exist for VAST errors and video content.

Metrics are not available for companion creatives served through VAST redirects because there is no creative ID for creatives not hosted by Ad Manager.

Calculate video abandonment rate

You can calculate the percentage of times users abandon the video being watched before completion. For example, the user leaves the player page, navigates away, closes the browser.

To calculate abandonment rate:

  1. Create a report.
  2. Choose Historical as the report type.
  3. Filter with Video ad break type, and select both Single ad video request and Optimized pod video request under "is any of."
  4. Include the "Demand channel" dimension, and select the Start, Complete, and Skip button shown metrics.

Abandonment rate = 1 - (Complete + Skip button shown) / Start

A high video abandonment rate might suggest one or more technical issues with a publisher's site and should be routinely monitored to ensure a good user experience.

This calculation does not include skips or drop-offs prior to an ad loading.

Other reports that may be useful for video inventory

  • Active View reporting: report on the viewability of ads served via Google Publisher Tags (GPT). Viewability helps determine how likely it is that an ad was actually seen by a user.
  • Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports: report on unique audience data for campaigns running across all digital media screens using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings™. Beta

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