Thursday, February 2, 2023

DeployR 7.3 components and versions - Microsoft Support [MS]

It is not uncommon for an enterprise to prefer to deploy DeployR across its own existing Apache Tomcat or MongoDB infrastructure rather than install with the Tomcat and MongoDB components included with the DeployR installation. This can be done but the following should be taken into account:


DeployR 7.3 is tested and supported on MongoDB 2.4.5. Older versions of MongoDB will not work with DeployR. To use another MongoDB installation in the enterprise, first perform an install of DeployR 7.3 then dump the default database from DeployR's default MongoDB installation and restore into your installation using mongorestore. Then reconfigure the connection to the new MongoDB installation  in deployr.groovy.

Apache Tomcat

DeployR 7.3 is tested and supported on Apache Tomcat 7.0.34. DeployR uses Web sockets. Therefore, at a minimum, you must use Tomcat 7.0.27. Anything prior to 7.0.27 will break DeployR functionality.

Tomcat configuration:

To run DeployR on the same ports we use by default then you will have to pick up the Connector details from a default server.xml that ships with DeployR. Otherwise, at a minimum, you will need to modify the port mappings found in the deployr.groovy file to match your current Tomcat Connector configuration:


The 7300 and 7301 port values would need to be updated to match the ports you are using.

You would also need to modify your or catalina.bat to ensure that the Java heap allocated to DeployR is adequate using appropriate JAVA_OPTS. These defaults are available in the that ships with DeployR.

Finally, somewhere in the environment the REVODEPLOYR_HOME environment variable must be set.

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