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Compare invoices with reporting - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Compare invoices with reporting

Display and Video 360 invoices can be reviewed in and downloaded from billing summary in your advertiser's billing profile. Costs on your invoice can also be found in offline reporting. For accuracy, you'll want to ensure that you're reporting on the date range, dimensions, and metrics reflected in your invoice.

Simplified Comparison

  • The total invoiced amount ( in reporting as Billable Cost) is equal to the sum of the positive line items listed on your invoice (in reporting as Media Cost + Platform Fee + Data Fees + Other Fees).
  • Billable Cost doesn't include Refund Billable Cost (displayed as negative line items on the invoice). These are two separate metrics.
  • Tax information is not displayed in offline reporting.

Set up a report to compare with your invoice

  • Date Range: Match the invoice month(s) of service (for example, January = Jan 1 to Jan 31). Invoices are created on a monthly basis, and only activity for the billing month will be shown on an invoice.
  • Report template: Choose a Standard report with a Billing or Refund template to use common metrics and dimensions.
  • Filters: Always show entire partner accounts.
  • Dimensions:  Choose Dimensions that match your with your Invoice Level, as defined in billing profile settings.
  • Currency: Check your default currencies within your advertiser or partner and match your invoiced currency. If invoiced in USD, choose USD. 
    • If a partner has advertisers with different currencies, the rate is based on the media cost in the currency of the contract. You can run reports on billable cost in the currency of the contract.
Invoice Offline report metrics
Platform fee Platform fee = Billable Cost
Media Cost Media Cost
Other Fees (formerly 'Third Party Fees') Not available*
Refunds and automated credits Refund Media Cost = Refund Billable Cost
Refund Platform Fee
Total cost = Billable Cost - Refund Billable cost + taxes


*There isn't a metric that consolidates other fees/third party fees together. To determine this fee, subtract Media Cost, Platform Fee and Data Costs from the total Billable Cost. For a detailed look of other fees/third party fees, you can pull a report of all fees. However, other fees/third party fees may be reported but not charged.

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