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What's new: May 2019 - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

What's new: May 2019

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from May 2019

Campaign and workflow updates

Native mobile and desktop Gmail ads now available through Display & Video 360

You can now purchase native mobile and desktop Gmail ads through a new line item type in Display & Video 360. Gmail inventory is native, fully viewable, and brand safe. Bids for Gmail ads are set using a new cost per engagement metric, and your Gmail buys are billed based on engagements rather than CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions). Learn more

Third-party viewability measurement settings now self-service for TrueView line items

You can now set third-party viewability measurement on TrueView line items directly in Display & Video 360 instead of contacting support to implement it on your behalf. If you have a contract with one of three approved third-party viewability measurement providers (IAS, Moat, DoubleVerify), Display & Video 360 support can enable third-party viewability measurement for your advertiser. Once third-party viewability measurement is enabled for your advertiser, you'll be able to set it on individual TrueView line items. Learn more

In the coming weeks, support will no longer implement third-party viewability measurement per line item.

New audience list and page category performance segmentations in the Optimization view

The Optimization view has two new performance segmentations: audience lists and page categories. You can use these segments to make faster line item optimization choices to see more efficient performance. Learn more

New look and feel for the ad groups page for TrueView line items

The ad groups page for TrueView line items now has a new look and feel, including clearer descriptions of ad group and ad statuses, improved stability, and a refreshed design.

New DoubleVerify settings for apps

New invalid traffic and app targeting options were added for users of DoubleVerify's brand safety settings. Learn more

Updates to certification for gambling-related content

  • Licensed operators are now allowed certification in Sweden.
  • Daily fantasy sports ads are now allowed certification in India.
  • Aggregators are now allowed certification in Mexico.

Learn more

Enabling entity read files now self-service

Users with partner-level read & write access can now enable or disable entity read files for that partner. This allows you to get your teams set up with entity read files without needing to contact Display & Video 360 support.

Campaign Manager Verification sync has been deprecated

Over time, numerous improvements were made to channels, digital content label targeting, and sensitive category targeting in Display & Video 360. Because of these improvements, and declining usage, we've removed the ability to sync Campaign Manager Verification settings with Display & Video 360. We recommend using Display & Video 360's more flexible brand safety targeting settings.

Creative updates

Improvements for audio creatives and reporting

  • Fixed a bug where audio duration was sometimes shown incorrectly as zero
  • Assigned companions now appear in the creative list
  • Added new calculated metrics for audio:
    • Cost Per Completed Listen (CPCL)
    • Completion Rate (Audio)
  • Media cost metrics have been updated from eCPCA to eCPCL

Audience updates

User ID upload now available for Customer Match

You can now upload lists of User IDs when setting up customer match in Display & Video 360. Learn more

New consumer patterns audience lists

New consumer patterns audience lists related to transit and technology are now available for use with your TrueView or Gmail line items. You can find consumer patterns audiences under Audiences > Affinity and in-market in your targeting settings for these line items.

Insights updates

Conditional formatting now available in Instant Reporting

To make it easier to read Instant Reports, you can now specify conditional formatting rules for integer metrics. The rules apply a background color to column cells based on whether or not the value meets the criteria you specify. This can make it easier to see trends or spot outliers in your data. Learn more

Inventory updates

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

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