Thursday, January 5, 2023

Create parent and guardian links in Class Notebook - Microsoft Support [MS]

Parent and guardian links allow people without an account at your school to view the Class Notebook's Content Library or individual student notebooks. The links you create are read-only—a guardian with access can't edit the notebook's content.


  • If you don't see the Class Notebook app right away, select the App launcher  App launcher button to find it.

  • Learn more about how to use parent and guardian links for Class Notebooks created in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Sign in to with the log-in provided by your school.

  2. Select Class Notebook, then Manage notebooks in the Class Notebook Wizard.

    OneNote Class Notebook Wizard with icons to Create a class notebook, Add or remove students, Add or remove teachers, and Manage notebooks.

  3. Scroll to the notebook you'd like to share and select Parent and guardian links.

    Parent and guardian links hyperlink in Manage Notebooks.
  4. Choose Content Library, then Get a link to create and copy a link to your Class Notebook's Content Library.

    Create parent and guardian links to the Content Library by selecting
  5. Choose Student Notebooks to create links for individual student notebooks or to create links for all students' notebooks at the same time.

    Create read-only links for individual students' notebooks.
    • Tip: Select the hyperlink to export links in a .csv file after creating links for all students.

  6. Copy and share the links you've created.

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