Thursday, January 5, 2023

Create a histogram in Excel - Microsoft Support [MS]

Excel 2013

  1. Make sure you load the Analysis ToolPakto add the Data Analysis command to the Data tab.

  2. On a worksheet, type the input data in one column, and the bin numbers in ascending order in another column.

  3. Click Data > Data Analysis > Histogram > OK.

  4. Under Input, select the input range (your data), then select the bin range.

  5. Under Output options, choose an output location.

  6. To show the data in descending order of frequency, click Pareto (sorted histogram).

  7. To show cumulative percentages and add a cumulative percentage line, click Cumulative Percentage.

  8. To show an embedded histogram chart, click Chart Output.

  9. For more information, see Create a histogram.

Excel 2016

  1. Select your data.

  2. On the Insert tab, click Insert Statistic Chart > Histogram.

  3. For more information, see Create a histogram

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