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Create a Class Notebook in OneNote - Microsoft Support [MS]

Class Notebook is part of OneNote. Each one includes a Content Library for educators to share course content, a Collaboration Space where educators and students can work together, and a private notebook for each student. After a Class Notebook is created, educators and students can access it from any device using the OneNote app.

Sign in

First, sign in to Class Notebook with the log-in provided by your school. You'll be creating your Class Notebook on your web browser.

Then, select Create a class notebook in the Class Notebook Wizard.

OneNote Class Notebook Wizard with icons to Create a class notebook, Add or remove students, Add or remove teachers, and Manage notebooks.

Get set up

The Wizard will walk you through the following steps to set up your notebook: 

  1. Type a name for your notebook.
    Type a name for your Class Notebook and select Next.  

  2. (Optional) Type in educator's name or email address to add additional educator(s) from your school. 

    Note: Select Next to navigate between steps or to skip a step.

  3. (Optional) Add students from your school by name, group name, or email address. Separate a list of students with semi-colons.

  4. Customize the student sections you'll use to distribute and organize class materials for each student. For example: Homework, Quizzes, Handouts.

    Review the sections of the notebook in the Class Notebook Wizard, including Handouts,

  5. Preview the Teacher's notebook and Student's notebook views, then select Create to finalize.

Your notebook is ready! Use the link on this page to open your notebook in OneNote. The students and educators you added will receive an email with a link to their notebooks.

Learn More

Visit the Getting Started page or our interactive OneNote Class Notebook training module for more details about creating your first Class Notebook.

Video: Class Notebook for OneNote for Windows 10

Additional resources for educators

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