Sunday, January 1, 2023

Configure external communications - Microsoft Support [MS]

You can control Skype for Business Online access to Lyncusers in other organizations.

Configure federation with external domains

  1. Click Admin > Lync to go to Lync admin center.

  2. Click organization > external communications.

  3. Under external access, choose an option that controls your access to other organizations using Lync:

    • Off completely

    • On except for blocked domains

    • On only for allowed domains

  4. Under blocked or allowed domains, you can Add Add, Edit Edit, Remove Delete, or Search the list of domains as appropriate.

Keep in mind:

  • The organization you're federating with must also allow federation with your domain.

  • When you're communicating with someone in a federated domain, you can only use Lync features (for example, video conversations or desktop sharing) that are turned on in both organizations.

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