Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Coming soon: May 20 edition - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Coming soon: May 20 edition

See what's coming to Display & Video 360 over the next few weeks

Enabling entity read files will soon be self-service in Display & Video 360

Users with partner-level read & write access will soon be able to enable or disable entity read files for that partner. This will allow you to get your teams set up with entity read files without needing to contact Display & Video 360 support.

Conditional formatting coming to Instant Reporting

To make it easier to read Instant Reports, you'll soon be able to specify conditional formatting rules for integer metrics. The rules will apply a background color to column cells based on whether or not the value meets the criteria you specify. This can make it easier to quickly see trends or spot outliers in your data.

The Intelligence Panel will soon be available in the Combined tab of a campaign's Flights section

The Intelligence Panel will soon appear in the Combined tab of the Flights section of a campaign, surfacing the same insights that are available within the Insertion order and Line item tabs. With the Intelligence Panel available in all tabs for a flight, it will be easier and more consistent for you to identify potential campaign health issues and optimization opportunities.

Improvement coming soon to the New report button for offline reports

The New report button for offline reports will soon feature a down-arrow that opens a menu of report templates. Clicking on the New report button will create a Standard report, and using the arrow will open the full list of templates. This update makes it faster for you to create Standard reports by removing the extra step of scanning through every report template before you can start setting up this popular type of report.


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