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Class overview page in Insights - Microsoft Support [MS]

When you select the Insights tab from your class team channel, the class overview page is your first look into the app. From here, you can drill down to get specific views on your students' Teams activity.

Screenshot of left navigation in Teams, A list shows class notebook, assignments, grades, then insights.


Each class team has its own class overview page. Select the Insights tab from any of your classes to enter its overview dashboard.

Note: Default timeframes based on activity level are shown on the class overview page. To adjust the timeframe, select any datapoint to drill down further and access additional filtering.

Class overview page with Spotlights

Student activity

View which students have been active and when by selecting Track student activity. Use the filters to identify when students are the most or least active.  

Drill down to see which students were inactive.

Inactive students data tile

Communication activity

The number of posts, replies, and reactions within the time frame.

Drill down to view activity for each student and channel.

Communications data tile


When you use Reflect to check-in with your students, an overview of their responses is shown here.

Select View class responses to see how students responded on an individual level. 

Entry point to view detailed insights about Reflect check-ins. The card has a colorful bar indicating the proportions of different feelings students shared. Select the card to get deeper information.


Spotlights shine light on digestible pieces of your class data. Use them as a quick update or reason to investigate further—it's up to you. Plus, Insights checks for new data every time you open your class overview in order to reflect the latest trends in your class activity. 

Learn to read your Spotlights, including color coding and label meanings: 

New label: A spotlight you haven't read yet

Updated label: A spotlight with new data

Red spotlight: A potential issue that may need your attention

Yellow spotlight: An interesting trend or observation

Green spotlight: Good news, positive trends, and wins for your students

Student count: Hover over bolded text showing a number of students to see individual names.

Compass: Select the compass  to get more specific data for that topic.

Once a Spotlight card has been viewed, it moves to end of your view. Cards are removed as data is updated with new activity. 

Spotlights tiles


On your mobile device, you'll see your Spotlights right after you select a class.

  1. Navigate to Class Insights from your Teams mobile app.

  2. Select the class team you want to check out insights for. Your first view of that class's data will be a series of Spotlights.

    Note: The Spotlights you see will reflect how much data is available.

  3. Swipe through to see your different Spotlights—right to see more Spotlights, left to go back to a previous Spotlight.

Teams on a mobile device in Class Insights, viewing tiles for eight class teams.

A Communication data spotlight from Insights in mobile view shows a teacher that 19 students participated in a Shakespeare discussion.

Assignment status overview

This is the number of missed submissions, or how many students in didn't submit an assignment that was due during the time frame. 

Drill down to view specific assignment details

Assignment status data tile

Grade distribution & trends overview

The average of all graded and returned assignments that had a due date within the time frame. 

Drill down to view the grade distribution, individual student performance, specific assignment performance, and the trend in grades over time.  

Data category tile on Insights overview page

Reading Progress

If you create Reading Progress assignments for your students, the average accuracy rate for all readers will be shown. 

Select View class progress to see a breakdown of error types, as well as the average words per minute, accuracy rate over time, and the words that were most challenging for your class.

Entry point for viewing detailed Reading Progress data in Insights.  The average accuracy rate is listed with a link to dive in deeper.

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