Thursday, December 22, 2022

Check or change language settings - Microsoft Support [MS]

Microsoft's products and services work best if you use the same language and region across all your devices, and in all of your app and Store settings.

Pages are in the wrong language 

If you're seeing content on our website in the wrong language, check these settings:

The display language you select changes the default language used by Windows features like Settings and File Explorer.

Open language settings

Learn more

Open Microsoft Edge settings to change the browser's display and editor language.

  1. Select  then Settings

  2. Select Languages

Tip: Learn how to change the display language in Chrome or Firefox.

Sign in to your Microsoft account to change the display language.

Open language settings

Sign in to your account to change the display language.

Open language settings

Sign in to your OneDrive account then select Settings to change the display language for OneDrive.

Open language settings

Caution: If you change your country or region in Microsoft Store, items you bought in one region might not work in another. It's best to change your region only if you're moving to a new country or region for an extended period. Learn more.

Go to Microsoft Store online. At the very bottom of any page, select the World icon to choose your language and region. is available in a variety of countries/regions. Choose your language preference.

Cortana works best if you use the same language for Speech and your device.

Speech language settings

Sign out and then sign back in for the new settings to take effect.

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