Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Changing Default Port Range for DeployR 7.2 on Windows - Microsoft Support [MS]

By default, DeployR 7.2 will use the port range 7200-7206 for its home page, internal communication, and underlying services like Mongod and Rserve. On Windows, the DeployR installation does not offer an opportunity to modify the default ports used by DeployR and its services but the port range used by DeployR 7.2 can be changed after installation using the following procedure. In the example, the port range is changed from 7200-7206 to 8200-8206.

1. Connect to the DeployR main page at the default url of  http://localhost:7200/revolution/docs/.

Select Administration Console and login as 'admin'. Under "Server Policies", edit "Server web context" and change from 'http://localhost:7200/deployr' to 'http://localhost:8200/deployr'. This change must be made first as it cannot be changed after the service ports are modified. After editing the server web context, log out of DeployR.

2. Stop the DeployR Windows services:

C:\>net stop Apache-Tomcat-for-DeployR-7.2
C:\>net stop MongoDB-DeployR-7.2
C:\>net stop Rserve7.2

3. Edit the following files and change all occurrences of 720 to 820:

C:\Revolution\DeployR-7.2\mongo\mongo.cfg4. Start the DeployR Windows services:

C:\>net start MongoDB-DeployR-7.2
C:\>net start Apache-Tomcat-for-DeployR-7.2
C:\>net start Rserve7.2

5. DeployR adds Inbound Rules to Windows Firewall to allow access to ports 7200-7206. These must be manually changed to the correct updated ports within the Windows Firewall Configuration.

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