Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Change your team picture - Microsoft Support [MS]

Customize your team by changing your team picture to one of many Microsoft Teams avatars or uploading your own! The avatar you choose will appear next to your team name. Class teams allow you to filter images by grade level and subject.

Note: You must be a team owner to change the team picture.

If you're using Microsoft Teams for desktop or mobile, be sure to install any updates before starting. 

To change your team image:

  1. Navigate to a team and select More options  Select the More actions (...) icon for the page-level menu > Edit team from the dropdown menu.

  2. Select an avatar or select Upload to choose an image from your own files. Use the dropdowns to filter by grade level and subject if you're in a class team.

    Select an avatar for your team.

  3. Select Update to save your new team picture.

Note: When you upload an image from your own files, the resolution you see in Teams may not appear the same as your original image.

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