Thursday, December 15, 2022

Can't see machine or machine group pivot because of dataverse solution - Microsoft Support [MS]


When going to the Monitor > Machines page I am not able to see the machine and machine group pivot.

Update your db error message

Verifying issue

  1. Check the documentation to see the required version of MicrosoftFlowExtensionsCore

  2. Check the version of MicrosoftFlowExtensionsCore in your environment

    1. Go to Solutions > See history 

    2. Look for MicrosoftFlowExtensionsCore in the search bar and check the latest version 

    3. There's a possibility that MicrosoftFlowExtensionsCore will not appear in your history in this case reach out to your support which will check the version for you.


If you have a version older than the one required in the documentation it means the dataverse solution for the selected environment does not support machine and machine groups.


Wait for the update to happen or contact support in case it doesn't.

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