Monday, October 31, 2022

After you upgrade to Windows Vista, audio playback no longer works on the computer if the SigmaTel HD audio driver is installed [MS]


Consider the following scenario:

  • You upgrade a computer to Windows Vista.

  • The computer uses a SigmaTel HD audio driver.

In this scenario, audio playback no longer works on the computer. Additionally, you receive the following message when you position the pointer over the speaker icon in the notification area:

No audio output device is installed.This problem occurs even if all the audio cables are connected correctly, and the sound driver appears to be working correctly in Device Manager.

Note The notification area is located at the far right of the taskbar.


This problem occurs because of the proprietary way in which the SigmaTel unified driver supports custom OEM configurations. Instead of using different .inf files, SigmaTel uses an .ini file-referenced system that does not function correctly when you upgrade the computer to Windows Vista.


To resolve this problem, download the latest SigmaTel HD audio driver from your OEM support Web site, and then install this driver.

More Information

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