Saturday, October 29, 2022

Add students to a Class Notebook in OneNote [MS]

When you create a Class Notebook in OneNote, each student added to the notebook shares access to its Content Library and Collaboration Space. Each student also has their own notebook, which contains a private workspace only you and they share.

If you are using a OneNote Class/Staff Notebook created in Microsoft Teams, you can only add/remove members in Microsoft Teams. You cannot add/remove students or members using the Class Notebook Wizard online.

Students need a Microsoft 365 account at your school before they can be added to your Class Notebook.

Add students to OneNote Class Notebook

  1. Sign in to with the log-in provided by your school.

    Tip: If you don't see the Class Notebook app right away, select the App launcher  App launcher button to find it.

  2. Select Class Notebook, then Add or remove students in the Class Notebook Wizard.

    OneNote Class Notebook Wizard with icons to Create a class notebook, Add or remove students, Add or remove teachers, and Manage notebooks.

  3. Select the notebook you're adding students to.

  4. Type in a student's name, email address, or group name you would like to add from your school.

    Add student names in Class Notebook for OneNote.

    Tip: Separate a list of students with semi-colons.

  5. Confirm which students will have access to your Class Notebook.

  6. Select Update.

Anyone you added will receive an email with a link to their notebook.

Learn more

Visit the Getting Started page or our interactive OneNote Class Notebook training for more details about managing your Class Notebook.

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