Monday, September 19, 2022

[SDP3][] Windows Azure Storage Client Tracing Diagnostics [MS]


This diagnostic package collects data used to troubleshoot Microsoft Azure Client Storage Problems.

This package enables the Azure Storage Client Tracing for any clients using Azure Storage Client Library.   It will enable the tracing , wait for users to reproduce the condition in the client, , disable the tracing and collect the generated trace file.   The package will also analyze the error conditions in the tracing file and create a HTML report if there is any known error found in the trace.  

More Information

The following are the steps to run the package:

1. Select the type application for which tracing will be turned on

 If the storage client library is used in a cloud service web role as an IIS web application, option "IIS Web Application" should be selected. For this option, web.config will be modified to enable/disable tracing.

If the storage client library is used in a standalone application, "Standalone Application" should be selected. For this option, Yourapplication.exe.config will be modified

2. Select application configuration file path (for standalone application) or just select the web application name (for IIS web application)

 For standalone application, user needs to browse to the yourapplication.exe.config file.

3. Select trace file location

4. Select Tracing Configuration Option

5. Tracing will be enabled and it is your turn to reproduce the issue or behavior.

Once you are done with repro, you can click Next and Tracing will be disabled.

6. Trace file will be collected. An analysis report will be generated. The compressed CAB will be created on local machine and be ready to send out.

7. The report for the collection will be as following. You can access the file collected or analysis report generated, if any.

Information Collected
The tracing file generated will be collected. An analysis report will be reported if there is any error condition detected.

In addition to collecting the information that is described earlier, this diagnostic package can detect one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Detect Windows XP End-of-Support

  • Errors detected in the analysis of Azure Storage Client Logging, please check the report generated


For more information about the Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services and about the Support Diagnostics Platform, please open the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

2598970 Information about Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services and Support Diagnostic Platform

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