Monday, September 19, 2022

[SDP 3][cfbb65f6-fef5-41ba-84cf-36f51459a70d] Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 HR Export diagnostic [MS]


The Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 HR Export diagnostic exports valid HR records for an Input Set into a text file that can then be imported back into the Input Set. This operation is a quick method to eliminate invalid HR records. This article lists the steps that the Forecaster HR Export Diagnostic follows to perform this operation.

More Information

When you run this diagnostic, you are first prompted to enter the SQL connection information for the Forecaster SQL database. This includes the SQL server where the database is located and the name of the Forecaster SQL database. If the connection is successful, a list of the valid Input Sets with HR details is displayed.

HR details from the Input Set are first exported into a text file and exported to your user profile directory. This directory should open automatically when you click Next in that step. If the directory does not open, you can view this directory by entering %USERPROFILE% in the address bar of Windows Explorer.

Note If this Input Set has any Bonus Amounts or Bonus Percentages that are assigned per period, this information is also exported to a separate text file in the %USERPROFILE% directory. Please follow the instructions that are included in that step in the diagnostic or contact the Support Engineer you are working with for more information about these steps.

After you delete your current HR details for the Input Set, you can then import the HR details from the text file that is generated by this diagnostic.


You must make a SQL backup of the Forecaster database before you run this diagnostic.

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