Monday, September 19, 2022

[SDP 3][af491391-34be-4e7e-87ac-3a4d0e57d7d4] Description of the Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 Base Collector diagnostic [MS]

This article describes the Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 Base Collector diagnostic.This Support Diagnostics Platform (SDP) manifest file collects general information about a Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 configuration.


When you run the Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 Base Collector diagnostic, you are prompted to select a Forecaster Application connection. These connection objects are what point the Forecaster Client application to the Forecaster SQL database. The list of connection objects that the diagnostic provides originates from the connection objects that exist on the computer on which you run the diagnostic. These are the same connection objects that are displayed in the Application name list when you start the Forecaster client. If you are unsure which Application connection to select, start the Forecaster client, and then review the Application name list before you run the diagnostic.

The diagnostic also lets you specify a connection manually by entering the Forecaster SQL server and SQL database information.

Select the option to upload the results to Microsoft when the diagnostic is finished.

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