Monday, September 5, 2022

"CommunicationErrorTransientException" error when you migrate mailboxes in Exchange Server 2016 [MS]


When you migrate Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes to Exchange Online in a hybrid environment that has Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 installed, the migration fails randomly and returns the following error message: 

Transient error CommunicationErrorTransientException has occurred. The system will retry

Additionally, you may receive the following TransientException error message:

Timestamp: DateTime
FailureType: CommunicationErrorTransientException
FailureHash: ea66
FailureCode: -2146233088
MapiLowLevelError: 0
FailureSide: Source
FailureSideInt: 1
ExceptionTypes: {Exchange, Transient}
ExceptionTypesInt: {1, 2}
Message: The call to ' (x.x.x.x caps:AFFFBF7FFFFFCB07FFFF)' failed.
Error details: Exception from HRESULT: <0x80D5DC38>. --> Exception from HRESULT: <0x80D5DC38>.

Note In the "Error details" section of this message, the "0x80D5DC38" HRESULT hex code represents the actual hex code that is generated.


To fix this issue, install cumulative update 5 for Exchange Server 2016.

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