Friday, August 12, 2022

When I insert a workflow task, I get an error [MS]

The problem

Working in SharePoint Designer, you try to insert an action into a SharePoint workflow, but you receive the following error message:

Cannot insert this action. To use task process actions, the Office SharePoint Server Standard Site features must be enabled for this site by an administrator.

Error message as it appears onscreen

The cause

The most likely cause is that the action you're trying to insert isn't supported in SharePoint Online for Microsoft 365 for small businesses and professionals.

The following workflow actions are supported only in SharePoint Server 2010 and in SharePoint Online for Microsoft 365for enterprises.

  • Append Task

  • Capture a Version of the Document Set

  • Declare Record

  • Delegate Task

  • Document Set Actions

  • End Task Process

  • Escalate Task

  • Forward Task

  • Insert Task

  • Lookup Manager of a User

  • Reassign Task

  • Request a Change

  • Rescind Task

  • Send Document Set to Repository

  • Send Task Email

  • Set Content Approval Status (as author)

  • Set Content Approval Status of the Document Set

  • Set Task Field

  • Start Approval Process

  • Start Custom Task Process

  • Start Document Set Approval Process

  • Start Feedback Process

  • Undeclare Record

  • Wait for Change in Task Process Item

For more information about workflow actions, see the article Workflow actions in SharePoint Designer 2010: A quick reference guide.

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