Thursday, August 11, 2022

What you can do in a Skype for Business meeting (Windows Phone) [MS]

It's easy to manage your Skype for Business meeting with the buttons at the bottom of the screen whether you're in a call, in an IM conversation, or viewing the participant list.

In a call

You may see some or all of these buttons, depending on the type of meeting:

Mute a call during a meeting


Disconnect from the call but stay in the meeting or IM session

Leave the call but stay in the meeting or IM session

Place the call on hold


Send an IM in a call


Turn on your phone's speakerphone during a call


Start or join audio in a call window

Rejoin the call

Display the phone dial pad during a call

Dial pad

View the presentation from the call window

View the presentation

Start a video call in the call window

Video call

More options button in a call

Leave the meeting
See the participant list
Invite others via phone or IM
Invite others via email
See all your Skype for Business conversations

In an IM conversation

Send an IM in the IM window

Send IM

View a presentation from the IM window

View presentation

Start or join a call in an IM window

Start or join audio call

Show more actions when in an IM conversation

More actions

Start a video call in an IM window

Start video call

In the participant list

If you're a presenter, tap More tap more to see additional actions > See participants to:

  • Mute or remove participants

  • Invite other participants

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