Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Video: Wrap text around pictures [MS]

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Change the text wrapping for a picture to get the layout you want.

  1. Insert a picture into your document.

  2. Select the picture.

  3. Select Layout Options Layout Options.

  4. Select the layout you want:

    • In Line with Text

    • Square

    • Tight

    • Through

    • Top and Bottom

    • Behind Text

    • In Front of Text

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When you add pictures to your document, sometimes the positioning or text isn't lined up how you want.

When you insert a picture its layout is set to In Line with Text.

To change that, select the picture and then select Layout Options.

From here, there a number of options With Text Wrapping.

Choose Square and the text now wraps around the picture even when you move it.

Other wrapping options include: Top and Bottom, Behind Text, and In Front of Text.

Whatever you choose, you can make your text and pictures look exactly how you want.

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