Monday, August 1, 2022

Video: Trim a music clip and fade it out [MS]

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Music plays in your slide show, but the music is too long. Learn how to make the slides and music end together, by trimming the music and fading it out.

I have music playing in the background of my slide show, but the music clip is too long.

Here is the end of the show. The music cuts off abruptly.

I want to trim the music clip, so it fits the length of the slide show.

The slides have timings, and the total show is about 15 seconds long.

So, I'll trim the clip's length to be closer to 15 seconds.

To trim the clip, I select the audio icon to display the AUDIO TOOLS tabs.

Then I click the PLAYBACK tab and Trim Audio.

The total length of the clip is shown here, it is about 37 seconds.

Now, I'll point to the red bar at the end of the clip and drag it to the left, to trim from the end.

I'll stop at a bit over 16 seconds, and listen to for a good place to trim the clip, closer to 15.

I'll click the playbar a little ahead of the end, and click Play.

There is a break before the melody starts up again.

I'll trim the clip closer to that break.

In the End Time box, I can type an exact number.

Let's try 15.300. I'll click the playbar again and click Play to listen to.

That will work. I'll click OK.

Now, to give the clip a more natural ending, let's add a fade out.

On the PLAYBACK tab, next to Fade Out, I'll click the up arrow to 3.00 seconds.

To hear the fadeout, I'll click the audio playbar towards the end, and click Play.

I think we are good to go.

Let's click Slide Show to play the show.

The slides and music end together, with a nice fadeout.

Up next: Play music for a set duration.

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