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Video: Create basic reports [MS]

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Note: The information on this page applies only to Access desktop databases. Access web apps don't support reports.

Before you share your database with others, put the information in a format that's easy to understand. View, format, and summarize the information in your database with reports.

  1. In the Navigation pane, select a record source.
    The record source of a report might be a table or a named query. It must contain all of the rows and columns of data that you want to include in the report.

  2. On the Create tab, select the report tool you want to use and, to create the report, follow any instructions.

Report tool



Create a simple, tabular report containing all of the fields in the record source you selected in the Navigation pane.

Report Design

Open a blank report in Design view, and then add the fields and controls you need.

Blank Report

Open a blank report in Layout view, and then select fields to add from the Field List.

Report Wizard

Follow the instructions to specify fields, grouping and sorting levels, and layout options.


Select standard or custom label sizes, which fields you want to include in the report, and how you want them sorted.

Add grouping, sorting, or totals to fields in the report

  1. In Design View, open the report.

  2. If the Group, Sort, and Total pane is not already open, on the Design tab, select Group & Sort.

  3. Select Add a group or Add a sort, and then select the field you want to group or sort.

  4. To set more options and to add totals, on a grouping or sorting line, select More.

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