Saturday, July 23, 2022

Video: Change the look of charts [MS]

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Help your chart communicate more effectively with preset styles, a descriptive title, and data labels.

Add a chart title

  1. Select the chart, and then select the chart title.

  2. Enter a new title.

Add data labels

  1. Select the chart, and then select Chart Elements.

  2. Select Data Labels.

  3. Select the arrow, and then select a location and style for the labels.

    To preview a location or style, pause over it.

    Note: Options vary depending on the chart type.

Add axis titles

  1. Select the chart, and then select Chart Elements.

  2. Select Axis Titles.

  3. Select the arrow, and then select the axis titles you want to add.

  4. Select each axis title, and enter a label for it.

Apply a chart style

  1. Select the chart.

  2. Select Design, and then select a chart style.

    To see how a style will look, pause over it

Want more?

Create a chart from start to finish

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Excel training

In Office, you can customize the style and details of a chart to show everything you want.

To change the title, select the Chart Title, and type a new one.

To format the amounts in the chart, such as adding dollar signs.

Right-click the chart, select Edit Data, and Edit Data again and your data will appear.

Select the columns you want to format.

Right-click, and select Format Cells.

On the Number tab, select Currency and make sure the dollar sign is selected.

Choose how many Decimal places you want and select OK.

To show exact dollar amounts for each bar, select the chart and then select Chart Elements.

Select Data Labels to show exact amounts at the end of each bar.

To see more label placement options, select the arrow next to Data Labels.

To see a preview of centered numbers, pause over Center.

Select Inside End, which puts them inside the end of the bar.

To add a label near the dollar amounts at the bottom, select Axis Titles.

For the horizontal axis, add "In thousands."

To remove the vertical axis title, select that box and press Delete.

To change styles, select Chart Styles.

Hover over each style to preview it.

Select one and your chart changes.

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