Friday, July 22, 2022

Video: Animations and transitions [MS]

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Animations and transitions can make your presentations more energetic and fluid. But don't overwhelm your audience: using 1-2 different styles per presentation is a good best practice.


  1. Select the text or object that you want to animate.

  2. On the Animations tab, select an animation effect from the gallery. Entrance effects icons are colored green, emphasis effects icons are colored yellow, and exit effects icons are colored red.

  3. Some animations have Effect Options that add direction to animation.

  4. Select Slide Show button The Begin Slide Show button. to view the animation.


  1. In the Thumbnail Pane, select the slide where you want to apply or change a transition.

  2. On the Transitions tab, find the effect that you want in the Transition gallery.

  3. Select Effect Options to specify how the transition occurs.

  4. If you want all slides in the presentation to transition the same way, select Apply To All.

  5. Select Slide Show button The Begin Slide Show button. to view the transition.

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