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Video: Add holidays to your calendar [MS]

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Add holidays for the country that you want to appear on the Outlook calendar.

Add holidays to the calendar

When you first use Outlook 2013, there aren't any holidays on the Calendar. But, you can add holidays for one or more countries.

  1. Click FILE > Options > Calendar.

  2. Under Calendar options, click Add Holidays.

  3. Check the box for each country whose holidays you want to add to your calendar, and then click OK.

If a country's or region's holidays are already added to your calendar, the box for the country will be checked in the Add Holidays to Calendar dialog box. If you click OK, the holidays are added and duplicates are created.

Delete holidays and events

  1. In Calendar, click VIEW > Change View > List.

  2. Select the holidays you want to delete. To select multiple rows, press the Ctrl key, and then click the Calendar icon to select more rows.

  3. Click HOME > Delete.

To quickly delete all of the holidays for a country, click the LOCATION column heading to sort the list of events so that all of the holidays for a country are grouped together.

Want more?

Add holidays to the calendar

Calendar basics

Share an Outlook calendar with other people

A personal calendar just isn't complete without holidays. And you can add them with Outlook.

Click the FILE tab and open Options.

In the navigation bar, clickCalendar, and under Calendar options, click Add Holidays.

Decide which set of holidays you want by checking one or more locations.

Then, click OK, and the holidays are added to your main calendar.

If holidays for that location are already installed, you'll get this message. Click Yes if you have been using Outlook for a few years and you are missing holidays for the current year.

Otherwise, click No to avoid getting duplicates.

Now let's see what a holiday looks like. I'll double-click Boxing Day.

As you can see, the holidays that Outlook adds are nothing more than appointments that last all day and belong to a category called Holiday.

So, you can work with them just like any other appointment.

For example, we could turn this holiday appointment into a Boxing Day party – add a message, attachments, change the location and invite others. Then, Send it.

You can also delete a holiday just like any other appointment, by clicking Delete, or by selecting it on the calendar and pressing the Delete key.

If you want to delete more than one holiday, you can do it easier in List view.

On the VIEW tab, click Change View, and List. Then, under Arrangement, make sure Categories is selected.

And all the holidays appear in the Holiday category. Notice that Outlook adds ten years' worth of holidays.

If you want to select multiple entries, use the Ctrl or Shift keys, and press Delete.

List view is also a good way to deal with the duplicate entries, which can happen if you combine calendars, for example.

To make it easier to see all the duplicates, you can sort the entries in each category by subject.

On the VIEW tab, under Arrangement, click the More button, and View Settings.

Select Sort. In Sort items by, select Subject, and click OK.

Now with the holidays in alphabetical order, it is easier to select and delete the whole groups of entries.

If your calendar contains holidays from multiple countries, you could also sort by LOCATION.

If you want to delete the whole Holiday category, right-click the category heading, click Delete, and OK.

After you add holidays with Outlook, you can go a step further and add your own holidays and important recurring dates, like birthdays and work holidays.

Check out the video Add custom holidays to your calendar.

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