Thursday, July 21, 2022

Video: Add a header or footer [MS]

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Add a header or footer that acts like a background page and can be applied to all or selected pages in your diagrams.

Create a header and footer page

  1. Select Design > Borders & Titles, and select the style you want for the header or footer.

  2. Visio creates a new header and footer page called VBackground-X.

    Right-click the header and footer background page tab, select Rename, and type in a new name.

  3. Select the header and footer page.

  4. Double-click any of the text areas, and type in text.

    Tip: To add the date, time, or page information, select a text box in the header or footer area, select Insert > Field, and select the field you want to add.

Create a new text box in the footer

  1. Select Text Box.

  2. Drag to create a new text box in the footer.

  3. Type in the text you want.

Apply a background

  • Select Design > Backgrounds, and select the background you want.

Apply an existing header and footer to a page

  1. Select the page you want to add the header and footer to.

  2. Select Design.

  3. In the Page Setup group, select the More arrow.

  4. Select Page Properties.

  5. In the Background list, select the header and footer page you want.

    Note: Header and footer pages work best when they are the same size as the foreground page.

Want more?

Add a header or footer in Visio

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