Thursday, July 21, 2022

Video: Add charts [MS]

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To make complex data and data relationships easier to understand, create a chart to display the data visually.

  1. Select the place in the document where you want to insert the chart.

  2. Select Insert > Chart.

  3. Select the type of chart you want, and then select OK.

  4. In the spreadsheet, enter your data.

Want more?

Available chart types in Office

Add a chart to your document in Word

Word training

PowerPoint training

Excel training

To visualize complex data in an Office file, insert a chart.

If you'd like to create a chart in PowerPoint or Word, select Insert > Chart.

The default is a Column, but you have different options to choose from.

We'll select Column for now and then select OK.

Now change the placeholder data with your own.

We'll fill in our categories and the new names automatically appear in the chart as they're typed in.

For the series, add headings—this might be a name that describes what each group of data is.

Now, enter your data.

As you move across cells, the chart updates to show the new values entered.

Finish entering your data, and then select Close.

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