Monday, July 18, 2022

Use topic feeds to monitor Lync chat room activity [MS]

You can fine-tune your chat room monitoring by setting up topic feeds, or filters, that notify you of chat room messages that contain specific words and phrases you're interested in. One topic feed, the "Ego filter," is created automatically by Lync persistent chat to capture and alert you about any messages that contain your name.

Topic feeds help you stay current on your areas that involve or interest you without having to inspect every new message that gets posted to the rooms you're following.

Topic feeds apply only to rooms that you follow. They are listed under the Followed tab on the Chat Rooms view. (The topic feed icon Topic feeds icon next to a name indicates that it is a topic feed.)

Create a topic feed

  1. In the Chat rooms view of the Lync main window, click the Add button.

  2. On the drop-down menu, click Create a New Topic Feed.

Screenshot showing menu selection and window for creating topic feeds

  1. Give your topic feed a name. (If you don't assign the topic feed a name, it will take the name of the search terms you assigned it.)

  2. Tell Lync whose posts you want to follow, and provide key words to narrow down the content you want to keep track of. Then click OK.

You may want to create topic feeds for people whose communications are important to you (for example, create one that uses your boss's name as a keyword) or for topics you're working on. Or, decide on a word or acronym that you'll use in messages that you want your colleagues to see, and ask them to set up a topic feed for that term.

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