Thursday, July 14, 2022

Use native Outlook notifications in Windows 10 [MS]

Outlook notifications alert you to new mail. From the notification, you may have responses, called Quick Actions, that you can take regarding the email without needing to go to Outlook. By default, native Outlook notifications in Windows 10 have the Flag, Delete, and Dismiss Quick Actions. 

In Outlook, Quick Actions appear on the right side of the message. Using Quick Actions, you can respond to email messages right from your inbox without needing to open them.

Flag and archive quick actions

The Windows native email notifications inherit the Quick Actions that you've set, so you can apply the same actions to the email right from the notification in Windows, whether in the pop-up:

Windows notice

Or when viewed in the Notifications pane:

Notifications pane

Changing quick actions

You can easily change Quick Actions from your inbox.

  1. Right-click a message and from the menu, select Set Quick Actions.

    Quick Actions menu item

  2. In the dialog box that appears, select the Quick Actions you want.

    Select a Quick Action

After you make the change, future notifications will inherit the same Quick Actions.

Windows notice changed

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