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Track information for your business [MS]

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In the video, the columns in the list contain order details such as customer type, fulfillment deadline, and progress. As more orders come in, you can add more items to the list.

Try it!

Add an item to the list

  1. Select New.

  2. Add details about the order.

  3. Select Save.

Share the list with partners or coworkers

  1. Above the list, select Share.

  2. Enter who you want to share with; it can be an individual or a group.

  3. Choose the permissions. 

  4. Select Grant access.

Add formatting to your list

Format a column to highlight the details in it:

  1. Select the column heading, then select the option you want, such as a background color or rounded corners.

  2. Select Save to apply the changes.

Add rules to alert coworkers about list updates

  1. Above the list, select Automate.

  2. Select Create a rule.

  3. Choose the appropriate condition to trigger the rule you want to make.

  4. Customize the rule with the specific info needed, such as the names of people to be notified when the list is updated.

  5. Select Create to save the rule.

Sort and group list items

You can prioritize a list of orders in different ways:

  • To sort by deadline, select the Fulfill order by column and then select Older to Newer.

  • To group orders by customer, select the Customer type column, and select Group by Customer type.

Update an item's status

You can track progress instantly:

  • Double-click an item to open it, and update the order's progress.

Want more?

Video training about Microsoft Lists

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