Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tools for teachers: Manage your class [MS]

It's time to go back to school! Whether you're teaching online, in a hybrid classroom, or in-person, we've got the tools to keep you and your students on track.

Organize your classroom

It's never too early to start planning. Get ideas for your classroom from our lesson plan templates and class resources. You'll be able to spend more time with your students and create a great learning experience.

Welcome your students back

Make your students feel welcome and excited for the new school year with a newsletter. Introduce yourself and start building relationships with your students and their families.

Check out the school newsletter template

Browse all newsletters

Screenshot of a school newletter template

Help your students get to know you

This "about me" template is a great way to introduce yourself to a new class of students. You can customize it to fit your school or the needs of your classroom.

Download the teacher template

Screenshot of a teacher template.

Help students stay safe and healthy

These of COVID-19 guidelines posters have friendly and straightforward images that highlight the importance of handwashing and social distancing. Perfect for classrooms, daycares, or home.

Elementary school posters

Middle and high school posters

Screenshot of a covid safety poster.

Make a class schedule

Keep track of teaching time, activities, and breaks so everyone has a productive and fun school day. Post your schedule to Microsoft Teams so your students can access it at any time.

Download a class schedule template

Browse all schedule templates

Screenshot of a class schedule template

Create lesson plans

Organize your resources, references, and student worksheets by creating different lessons with this lesson plan template.

Download a lesson plan template

Screenshot of a lesson plan template

Create a presentation from scratch

Create dynamic lesson plans with PowerPoint Designer, a tool that matches your content to professionally designed layouts.

Create a classroom presentation

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Store all your content so others can see it

Put your class schedule, lessons, and other resources in one place. You can change settings so students can see files without editing them.

Learn how to share content in Teams

Note: New to Teams? Check out the Microsoft Teams for Education resources.

Engage with your students

Students are more successful when they stay connected to you and to each other. Here are some ways you can create a collaborative environment in your classroom.

Host class online

Use Teams to conduct class online. You'll be able to teach class from your computer, keep your files, schedules, and lessons all in one place, and communicate with students as a group or individually.

Create your online classroom

Set up meeting times with students

Meet with your students for class, to introduce guest speakers, or just to connect. Use Teams to get your class together.

Set up meeting times

Tip: You can change your background in Teams to a match lesson theme, just for fun, or for a bit of privacy.

Photo of a student participating in an online calss using a tablet PC.

Get to know your students

For remote classrooms, a PowerPoint party is a fun way to get to know each other. Select a topic in advance so everyone can create a presentation.

Share fun facts, hobbies or talents, or dive into a topic like favorite books or astrology. Keep it short and light and let everyone contribute!

Explore PowerPoint templates

Screenshot of a school spirit week calendar

Lead a spirit week

Everyone looks forward to school spirit week. Get the whole school involved with this great calendar that you can share. Use as-is or change it to match your spirit themes or school colors.

Download the spirit week template

Keep track of student data

With the following tools, you can track your students' progress and help them stay motivated. Monitoring their progress will help them continue to learn and celebrate their accomplishments.

Make a self-grading quiz

Use Microsoft Forms to create quizzes and save yourself some time. Quizzes are graded automatically, so you can spend more time focusing on your students and less time managing paperwork.

Create a quiz

Start a digital grade book

With a digital grade book, you can keep track of homework, quizzes, and tests for each of your students.

Start your grade book

Screenshot of the gradebook template

Create learning goals

Help your students set learning goals for their school year. As the year progresses, you can use their self-assessments to check in on students' progress and identify subjects to focus on.

Create a self-assessment

Screenshot of a self assessment template

More education resources

Whether your students are in the walls of a classroom or connecting remotely, Office 365 Education provides the tools you need to keep your student supported and engaged.

Visit the Educator Center to read more about how Microsoft can help you with your teaching needs.

Learn more about remote teaching and learning in Office 365 Education.

Want more kits?

Home activities for remote learners

Tools for students working on school projects

Learn about other ways to manage your life with Microsoft 365

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