Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tips for Teams calls [MS]

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Whether you're on your desktop or mobile phone, here are different ways to collaborate with calls in Microsoft Teams.

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Transfer a call

  1. When you're in a call, on the call controls, select More actions (...) > Transfer.

  2. Type in who to transfer the call to, and choose them.

  3. Select Transfer to finish it.

Merge a call

If you're on a call and want to pull someone new in, merge your existing call with a new one.

  1. Go to Calls, type a name or number, and select Call.

    Your first call automatically gets put on hold when you make the second call.

  2. After the second call connects, on your call controls, select More actions (...) > Merge Calls.

  3. Choose a call to merge with, and then select Merge.

Park a call

Place a call on hold on one device and pick it up from another.

  1. When you're on a call with your first device, select More actions (...) > Park Call.

    Teams gives you a unique code to retrieve your call later.

  2. On a second device, such as a mobile phone, go to the Teams app and select Calls.

  3. Tap Make a call > Parked calls.

  4. Enter the unique code and tap Pick up.

  5. If needed, select More actions (...) to view more conferencing options.

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