Sunday, June 26, 2022

Text is in a non-Web-ready font [MS]

The text in your publication uses a font that is not web-ready. When you send this publication in e-mail, Publisher converts the text to an image. The image quality will be low for people who can see, and tools such as screen readers will not be able to read it at all.

Manual fix

To fix this problem manually, change your text to a web-ready font.

  1. To find the text that caused the error, do this:

    • Click the File button on the ribbon to open the backstage view.

      In the Info pane, click the Run Design Checker button to open the Design Checker pane.

  2. In the Select items to fix box, right-click the error message and then select Go to this item.

  3. Select the text with the font that you want to change.

  4. On the Format menu, click Font.

  5. Under General, click the arrow, and then select a web-ready font from the list of fonts.

Note: To quickly apply Web-ready fonts to your publication, click the arrow next to Design Checker, click Format Publication, click Font Schemes, and then choose a scheme that uses Web-ready fonts. When you click the scheme, it is applied to the entire publication.

Web-ready fonts

  • Arial

  • Arial Black

  • Comic Sans MS

  • Courier New

  • Impact

  • Georgia

  • Times New Roman

  • Trebuchet MS

  • Verdana

  • Symbol

  • Wingdings

  • Webdings

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