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Teams live event organizer checklist [MS]

Teams live event organizer checklist

Equipment setup (non-webcam)

  • If your event requires you to have your own (non-webcam) cameras, make sure you have the right equipment:

    • Cameras

    • Microphones

    • Converter to ingest video into your computer (for example, Magewell)

    • Tripod

    • Cords for connections

Event information

  • Basic information

    • Title

    • Date

    • Location

    • Description

  • Invite everyone who will be producing or presenting (including Q&A moderators) as part of the event group. Wait to invite attendees until you've created your event and you have an attendee link.

  • If anyone will be sharing a PowerPoint, invite them as a producer or presenter.

Event settings

  • Carefully set the access to your live event. This is very important if you plan to share sensitive information.

  • Select Q&A if you want to have one.

    • If you select Q&A, make sure someone plans to moderate it (and that you make them a producer or a presenter).

  • Make sure your support link points to the right support info for your attendees.

  • Select Recording available to attendees if you want your attendees to be able to watch a recording of the event on demand.

  • Select Recording available to producers and presenters if you want to get an MP4 file of the recording after the event.

Invite attendees

  • Send the event link to all your attendees as you see fit—share it in a Teams channel, send an email, share it on a website, or add it to a collaboration group.

Test run

  • Make sure all your equipment works and the connections are solid.

  • Connect your Magewell (or other converter) to your USB port and test video and audio. Make sure your video and audio are set properly in your device settings.

  • Confirm that you have good lighting. We recommend choosing a room with natural light.

  • DO NOT click Start during testing. You can't stop and restart the event later—you'll have to schedule a new one to send to attendees. (If you want to test this, we recommend that you have a rehearsal live event a few days prior with a small group of people.) 

  • Check the attendee link everywhere you've sent it to your audience.

    • Your link should point to the actual event. If you follow it, you should see a blue screen that says "The live event hasn't started."

  • Make sure you and any presenters have the event content ready to share.

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